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The Law of Attraction
Episode 1 - A Perspective

A Perspective on the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction describes how that we attract the way we are. If we are postive, we attract the positive. If we are negative, we attract the negative.

In my book Conflict, God and the Universe, I put this with a different perspective. I reason the analogy of resonance and compare to my experience in physics, as a mechanism of energy transfer.

This book
is available in a printed version at:

I further suggest that spiritual energy can be considered as intent and that transfer of this energy can also be considered by resonance. Thus, if we resonate with something, we take on a like energy, or simply we manifest our intent (whatever that might be – the Law of Attraction).

The many aspects of holistic trainings consider energy and relate to the ‘frequency’ of vibration. If we are resonant with these frquencies, then we will benefit from the ‘energy’ transfer by resonance.

Please, grab the free ebook, below. Please, follow these posts and comment.

Look out for Episode 2: Manifesting


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