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Stressed Staff?
It's a known fact that stressed staff under-perform.  it is often the beginning of discontent that spreads through a workforce team and can eventually undermine the effectiveness of your business over all. Whether emotional stress or the occupational stress that's inevitable however hard you try to make the workplace logistically comfortable, the effect of stress can have the same result.

I can be booked for a duration that spans lunchtimes or other times convenient to you, to provide therapies on members of your teams. The therapies I perform are various and will no doubt suit personal requirements. I can work through thin clothing, especially in the shoulder area, where most of us hold our stress, particularly after long sessions at the PC. Therapies can be non-intrusive but rejuvenating.

There are an amazing number of therapies that can be performed and be of value, even for a short, 20-minute duration, enabling benefit to a number of clients in the available time. This is ideal for those staff unable to get out or too far from a suitable place to go, during break times. Click this link to see what I can offer and how these therapies can be of benefit to reduces stress in body and mind. (I have insurance cover which covers me to work under contract. Download the details.)

Please Contact Me to find out more or for a quote.


Martin Burt

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